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Marriage Information
Makoto Div.

We study "Theory of male-female relationship" and contribute to society through fostering and promotion of Makoto.

Makoto is a specialist who solves the problems between man and woman such as a marriage troubles, boyfriend troubles or girlfriend troubles and so on.
Makoto has the specialized knowledge and techniques based on "Male-Female Sociology".

We don't adopt a stereotypical Makoto by a book but cultivate Makoto who has a unique character and an inquiring mind, and is able to lead clients into a happiness in her own words.
Each Makoto takes a role as a researcher into "Male-Female Sociology". Makoto sees through the true natures of "love" or "happiness" all people have originally and encourages the clients to enhance the true natures.
If Makoto is written in Kanji character, it's written as "". "" means "true", "honesty" and "earnest".
Makoto conveys to all over the world "honesty", "empathy" and "warmth" which underlie Japanese.
Description of the Business
(1)  Human resource cultivation and promotion of Makoto.
(2) Research project to enhance love between man and woman, and lead to happiness.
(3) Research project for women’s sensibilities.
(4) Counseling business.
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Marriage Information Div.

We create a lot of happiness everyday through Marriage Information Business.

We provide the marriage information service under the brand name "Angel" on the Internet.
We introduce a marriage partner to our customers based on our character analysis technique developed over the years.
Our character analysis technique enables our customers to spend happy married life with a marriage partner because they have common interests and same personalities.
Our matching technique was issued business model patent and this technique has know-how such as the best association way or couple’s advantages and weak points to accelerate marriages.
This technique is authorized as management innovation business based on the small and medium enterprise basic law by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
It topped the ORICON chart of the customer satisfaction survey in a matching reliability department.
Description of the Business
(1)  Marriage information service duties.
(2) Research and study for the affinity matching theories.
(3) Ongoing research of human interactions and environment and how this relates to relationships in order to provide better matching services.
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