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Registered Patents
Aiming for the electronic age, the edge of new science and discoveries, serving the general public interest, we offer quality in service protected by patent copyrights and intellectual property principles.
<Registered Trademark>
• Angel logo mark® (Japan Registered#4,592,068th)
• Angel matching® (Japan Registered#4,595,846th)
• Angel advice® (Japan Registered#4,610,584th)
• AIPC analysis® (Japan Registered#4,595,847th)
• AIPC analysis® (Japan Registered#5,025,206th)
• Rakudenrakuwa® (Japan Registered#4,592,069th)
• Professional Marriage Advisor® (Japan Registered#5,081,729th)
• PMA License® (Japan Registered#5,081,728th)
• Action Three® (Japan Registered#5,101,295th)
<Certificate Of Patent>
• Information distribution system  (Japan Patent#3,728,289th)
• Information device method and a program system  (Japan Patent#4,023,750th)