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Hunger Free World
NPO Hunger Free World

We need to work together to develop a vision to help the starving people of the world.
  Help prevent hunger-related death in children by supplying adequate foodstuff in a timely manner.
  There are people who are not able to receive a primary education.
Health and hygiene
  Many people are dead by diseases such as cold or diarrhea. Many of these deaths can be prevented by simple medications and treatment.
Income creation
  Securing a stable income creates hope for the future, which inspires us to invest in the improvement of our society.
Women support
  To motivate women to earn an income, get an education, and participate more in the society, which hopefully leads to more children being born and an overall improvement in the socety.
  As we continue to develop, we cannot forget our obligation to maintain the environment, and we must promote healthy reproduction for the continuance of our society.
  We must encourage people in undeveloped countries so that they maintain hope for the future.
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