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Our Guiding Philosophy
Bring spirit life and material life happiness to all employees.
Our happiness is the highest satisfaction of all customers.
Contribute to progress and development of human kind and world peace through the development of Male-female sociology.
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Corporate Profile
Company name  Kankyo I Co.,Ltd.
Establishment  April 1,1997
Capital  40,000,000 yen
CEO  Seiichiro Kamiya
NES Bld. South 7F 22-14 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan Show map
Main business partners  Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
 Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
 Mizuho Bank
Business field
• Makoto Division
(1)  Administrate of nurture courses for Makoto.
(2)  Research, study, and analyze to improve love and happiness.
(3)  Reserch and study of women's sensitivity.
(4)  Counselling service.
• Marriage Information Division
(1)  Marriage information service.
(2)  Research, study, and analyze for the affinity duties.
(3)  Living environment and research duties in consciousness connection of a personal research and analyze duties.
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Company History
Apr,1997Established a corporation with 3,000,000 yen.
Nov,1998Increased the capital to 10,000,000 yen.Organization was named by Kankyo Engineering.
Apr,2000Start Information Network Division.
May,2001Starts International Division.
Sep,2002Increased the capital to 30,000,000 yen.
Nov,2002Move the main office to Azamino, Yokohama.
Jan,2003Start Angel's examination system.
Mar,2004Increased the capital to 40,000,000yen.
Apr,2004Starts Business Press/Planning Division and Management Press/Planning Division.
Feb,2005Received "Privacy mark" from affiliated organization JIPDEC of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Mar,2005Change the company name to "KankyoI Co.,Ltd".
Apr,2005Start Management system "KIMS" (Kankyo I Management System) .
Nov,2005Received testimonial from Chamber of Commerce and Industry a board of trade.
Oct,2006Received first prize in Oricon customer satisfaction ranking, an affinity matching section.
Nov,2006Annouced from "Nikkei MJ" publication with the first place industry as a marriage information enterprise of the Internet business.
Dec,2006Our marriage information business earned approval of Management innovation business from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Oct,2008Move the main office to Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya.
Apr,2011We have started "Makoto" which serves advice from the specialist of the sociology of Man-woman relationships.
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We think it is the most important for our members to contact each other heart to heart in order to realize the management principle.
We constructed own management system “KIMS” (Kankyo I Management System) based on the above concept and conduct “Cordial Management”.
KIMS contains following points.

(1) KI way

  1. Have a self-sustaining spirit
  2. Enhance own heart, convey own heart
  3. Take a right path as a person and think simply
  4. Learn from forerunners and be a source of an idea
  5. Fulfill own responsibility
  6. Report bad news first
  7. Improve at all the times
  8. Report, contact and consult timely
This KI way is a basic policy of management and an action course to return for all members.
KIMS was constructed centering around KI way. Each member works based on the action course and fulfills own responsibility.
Our members grow, re-evaluating themselves based on the KI way. Therefore, our business can develop and the management principle can be realized.

(2) Improvement Conference
Each member has a responsibility to develop our business and realize the management principle. A lot of proposals or ideas to improve are created because all members work seriously to develop our business.
KIMS enables to report these ideas to the top executive directly and there is an Improvement Conference to discuss these ideas once a month.
An operation policy is discussed seriously and important matters to realize the management principle are decided in the Improvement Conference.

(3) Profit Reduction System
Business profit is a result of member’s work. Therefore, we put aside 15% of the business profit every month and distribute it to all members once every 3 months depending on own performance. The monthly reserved amount is announced as needed.

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